8 Signs of Healthy Hair That You Might Be Ignoring

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It’s easy to tell when your hair isn’t in tip-top shape, but what about when it is? It can be difficult to spot signs of healthy hair without knowing exactly what to look for, and you don’t want to end up with damaged hair if you aren’t careful! With these eight signs of healthy hair, you can rest assured that your hair isn’t drying out or breaking down, which helps prevent split ends and other common problems.

To monitor the development of your gorgeous hair, you need be aware of these 8 indicators of healthy hair.


1) Shiny

Shiny hair is one indicator that you’re dealing with a head full of healthy tresses. The shine on your hair will depend on how hydrated it is. If your locks are in need of an oil boost, try applying a little coconut or olive oil to give them some nourishment and luster. It’s also important to make sure that the products you use contain oils. A deep conditioner or mask can help give your hair extra moisture which can make it look shinier. Keep in mind that hair color might have something to do with how shiny your strands appear, so if you have dyed locks, remember to keep up with your color treatments.


2) Thick

Look at the ends of your hair. If they are smooth and shiny, then it is a sign that your hair is healthy. This can also show up if you have no split ends – which happen when the protective outer layer of your hair gets worn down and split, exposing an end. Another indication that you might have healthy hair is thicker strands in the lower layers, particularly towards the back. It’s also worth noting that people with certain skin conditions like alopecia are sometimes convinced their hair is thinner because it doesn’t grow as fast as normal and doesn’t show up when wet; so it may not be true that their hair has lost thickness.


3) Elasticity

Hair elasticity is an important characteristic that allows the hair to have volume and bounce. A significant change in elasticity could be a sign of poor health. Anywhere from age to illness, internal or external trauma, prolonged use of curling irons, or chemical processes such as dyeing, treating with products that contain alcohols and/or drying your hair using heat tools like blow dryers and hot rollers can lead to breakage. When that happens the elasticity begins to change and the hair becomes drier and more prone to snapping off rather than springing back into place.


4) Healthy looking scalp

When your scalp looks healthy and clean, chances are the rest of your body is too. The healthier your scalp, the better chance you’ll have at preventing dandruffs, dry skin, oily skin or any other types of problems on top of this area. 


5) Hair length

Longer strands usually mean more healthy growth because more follicles are active which also means more growth hormone gets released every day which helps maintain both follicles and strengthens them from damage. Shorter lengths like shorter buzz cuts, typically signify the person is experiencing a break from major illness or some sort of injury that required stitches. In most cases though, shorter haircuts are given by stylists to women after pregnancies as well as anyone undergoing chemotherapy treatment and experiencing hair loss from stress hormones caused by illnesses such as cancer.


6) Color

A more visible sign of healthy hair is its color. We often take the change in color, or lack thereof, for granted because it is such a small factor. The next time you see your hair and think hmm…it’s not as blond as I thought it was, examine it closer and see if the strands are actually lighter than they once were. If so, congrats on the newest development of your healthy locks!

One other thing to look for when you’re wondering about the health of your hair is what it feels like to touch. Do your hairs feel silky and touchable? Or do they feel wiry and sticky? It might sound odd, but people often say their hair feels healthier when they start paying attention to how their tresses behave.


7) No Frizz

When hair starts to break off at the roots, it is considered frizzy and it can often be a sign that the body is trying to tell you something. Usually when this happens, there is a hormonal imbalance that needs to be remedied.


8) Strong and thick ends

One way to tell if your hair is in good condition is by looking at the ends. Healthy ends will be strong and thick, while damaged ends may look thinner, stringy, frizzy, and have a dull appearance. Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover; don’t assume your hair is healthy just because it looks shiny or clean! To learn more about healthy hair and how to maintain it for years to come, make sure to check out the top 8 signs of healthy hair



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