10 Inch Dental Monitor Multiparametro Portatil Anesthesia Monitor Multiparameter Vital Signs Monitor


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  • Item Type: Household Health Monitors Accessories
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 10 Inch
  • Commodity Quality Certification: ce
  • Model Number: 181054
  • Brand Name: carejoy
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit

10 Inch Dental Monitor Multiparametro Portatil Anesthesia Monitor Multiparameter Vital Signs Monitor

Portable Dental Oral implant Patient Monitor is adaptable to adult, pediatric and neonatal usage.It can be used in oral implant surgery. It can monitor and measure human body's vital signs in real time for patients, especially patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes, and monitor the changes of life signs in real time, and provide basis for oral implant.


10 inch color high resolution TFT display.

Can be arbitrarily set the alarm limit, automatic sound and light alarm

Anti-movement, anti-defibrillation, anti electrosurgical interference

Remote central monitoring network interface

Drug solubility calculation function, Arrhythmia analysis function

Built-in lithium battery, AC and DC, can provide long-term monitoring after power failure

Widely used in the Department of internal medicine, Dental practices (both pediatric and adult), oral surgery centers surgery, operation room,obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatrics, emergency center, ICU, CCU.

Standard configuration:




Lead Mode:5 Leads ( R, L, F, N, C or RA, LA, LL, RL,V)

Lead selection:I, II, III, avR, avL, avF, V,

Waveform:2 ch

Lead mode:3 Leads ( R, L, F or RA, LA, LL)

Lead selection:I, II, III,

Waveform:1 ch

Gain:´2.5mm/mV, ´5.0mm/mV, ´10mm/mV, ´20mm/mV, auto

HR and Alarm


Adult:15 ~ 300 bpm

Neo/Ped:15 ~ 350 bpm

Accuracy:± 1% or ± 1bpm,which great

Resolution:1 bpm

Sensitivity:> 200 (uV P-P)

Differential Input Impedance:> 5 MΩ


Method:Impedance between R-F(RA-LL)

Differential Input Impedance:>2.5 MΩ

Measuring Impedance Range:0.3~5.0Ω

Base line Impedance Range:0 – 2.5 KΩ

Bandwidth:0.3 ~ 2.5 Hz

Resp. Rate

Measuring and Alarm Range

Adult:0 ~ 120 rpm

Neo/Ped:0 ~ 150 rpm

Resolution:1 rpm

Accuracy:±2 rpm

Apean Alarm:10 ~ 40 S



Mode:Manual, Auto, STAT

Measuring Interval in AUTO Mode

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240,480 (Min)

Measuring Period in STAT Mode:5 Min

Pulse Rate Range:40 ~ 240 bpm

Alarm Type:SYS, DIA, MEAN

Measuring and alarm range:

Adult Mode

SYS :40 ~ 270 mmHg

DIA :10 ~ 215 mmHg

MEAN:20 ~ 235 mmHg

Pediatric Mode

SYS:40 ~ 200 mmHg

DIA:10 ~ 150 mmHg

MEAN:20 ~ 165 mmHg

Neonatal Mode

SYS:40 ~ 135 mmHg

DIA:10 ~ 100 mmHg

MEAN:20 ~ 110 mmHg

Overpressure Protection

Adult Mode:297±3 mmHg

Pediatric Mode:240±3 mmHg

Neonatal Mode:147±3 mmHg


Measuring Range:0 ~ 100 %

Alarm Range:0 ~ 100 %

Resolution:1 %


70% ~ 100% ±2 %

0% ~ 69% unspecified

Actualization interval:about 1 Sec.

Alarm Delay:10 Sec.

5.Pulse Rate

Measuring and Alarm Range:0~254bpm



I.5TEMP measurement:


Measuring and Alarm Range:0 ~ 50 °C



Actualization interval:about 1 Sec.

Average Time Constant:< 10 Sec.

Package List

1×Dental Patient Monitor

1×EKG Lead wire

1×NIBP Cuff

1×NIBP Extension Cable

1×SpO2 Sensor

1×Temp Sensor

3×Limp Clip


1×User Manual


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China, United States



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