12 box a set Nail Art Powder Dust Shimmer Decoration,Shiny nail glitter,Shimmer Glitter Sequins, 12colors Nail Glitter Powder


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  • Quantity: 12pcs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Model Number: Nail Glitter Powder
  • NET WT: 1g per bottle
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Item Type: Nail Glitter
  • Commodity weight: Around 110g
  • Commodity packaging: bottled
  • Commodity style: snow

12boxes Sequin Nail Art Decoration


the listing is for a box, and a box is


include 12 box, and the total weight is


about 100g

2 box a set Nail Art Powder Dust Shimmer Decoration, Shiny nail glitter, Shimmer Glitter Sequins, Nail Glitter Set Powder Nail Art 

Condition:100% Brand New 
Item Type: Nail Art Glitter
Material: Sequins
Quantity: 12 boxes
Features: The nail sequin set has a iridescent effect. When viewed from different angles, the color will change, producing a beautiful effect, making your nails more charming and dazzling. Different shapes and mixed colors can be combined to create different nail designs
Uses: Household, nail salon, etc.

Package List:
12 x Box of Nail Art Glitter


Everything you need for your own home manicure
Hexagon Chunky glitterVariety of 12colors, easy to apply and clean off, skin friendly, pretty and cute, Vibrant and pretty, make up in shining ways using our chunky glitterNail art——Easy to use and combine, can be used with many base colors for nails

Makeup —–safe for use eye shadow, on the face, or on the skin or Hair

Arts and crafts——body art, make greeting cards, phone cells decoration, painting and other glitter projects
Small Colorful Rhinestones: 2mm diameter, about 2000pcs, various hot colors, you can create multiple nails arts styles, which make your nails more dazzling and charming
How to use:
>Prepare your nails with UV primer
>VVS Apply your favorite color as a background color and cure under UV/LED light.
>Apply UV Color Gel. (Do not dry completely) > Use tool to apply glitter to nails.
>Apply a layer of varnish on top of the nail polish to enhance the shine.
>Cure under UV/LED light.
>Seal with UV topcoat and cure under UV/LED light.
Tips: If you want to make your background color more beautiful, Step1 and Step 2 can be done twice.

These fabulous cosmetic grade glitters are perfect for everything from DIY crafting ventures to nail and face applications.
MAGIC GLITTERING, let your imagination run wild!

Used it as cosmetic glitter for Mardi Gras festivities.
Used it for slime or a hard gel manicure.
Used it for sorority recruitment.
Used it to make fun ice cubes for a party.
Perfect for eye shadow tutorials.
Perfect for face glitter makeup, hair, boday or nail art.
Used to make card, cell phone’s case and other art, craft project.
Used to wear as glitter makeup for a fancy Galactic party, Halloween Party, Coachella, mermaid themed party etc.
Gift for resin artist.
Perfect gifts for every rave girl who loves to sparkle.

How to use:
Using UV Gel Nail Polish
1.Apply a base coat, and cure it for 30 seconds under an LED manicure lamp.
2.Apply no wipe top coat of UV-gel polish, then cure it for 30 seconds.
3.Put a sheet of fold paper underneath you nail. 4.Use a sponge eyeshadow applicator to tap on the glitter
5.Use the applicator to gently buff the glitter into your nail.
6.Use the fold of the paper to pour the excess glitter back in the jar.
7. Apply a no-wipe top coat, and cure it for 30 seconds.

Package Includes:
12 Boxes of Glitter in different color
Each holo colored pod comes in a convenient twist top container!

It’s time to shine! Be bold, be beautiful. Get inspired to create festival makeup or stunning daily looking.


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