2Pcs/set Femometer Silicone Menstrual Cup Feminine Hygiene Silicone Cup Period Lady Cup Copa Menstrual Coletor


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Product Description

  • Brand Name: femometer
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Material: Silicone
  • Item Type: Menstrual Cup
  • Feature 1: Soft, Safe and Sustainable
  • Feature 2: Made of Medical Silicone
  • Feature 3: Easy to fold and insert
  • Feature 4: Sporty & Environmentally Friendly
  • Package included: 2 x small(22ml), 1 x storage bag

Product overview:

This menstrual cup is made of medical grade silicone, which causes minimal irritation and does not absorb anything. It is widely used in medical products such as pacifiers for babies and catheters. This product does not contain any dioxins or allergens. It is odorless and easy to grip to make it easier to use. It won't interfere with your daily life in any way and has a typical lifespan of 15 years.

Product features :

1. Be nicer to our planet: The cup causes far less pollution and waste than tampons and sanitary towels.

2. Sporty friendly: Do sport as you want and feel as good as usual.

3. Medical silicone: Safe and hygienic medical silicone.

4. Reusable: Simply clean with fresh water and reuse.

How to use:

1. Wash your hands.

2. Fold the sterilized menstrual cup, holding the bottom of the cup

3. Carefully insert it into the vagina

4. Turn the cup to make sure it is fully open and in full contact with the vaginal wall.

How to remove

1. Crouch or sit on the toilet. Grab the menstrual cup with your fingers and squeeze it a little.

2. When you feel the vacuum release, carefully pull the cup out.

3. Wash your hands and the cup.

4. Disinfect the cup regularly by placing it in boiling water.

Folding Methods of Menstrual Cup

Product Show:

Product Certificate:

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2pcs S L, 2pcs size L(26ml), 2pcs size S(22ml)



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