Hearing Aid Sound Amplifier Noise Reduction Binaural In-ear Wireless Ear Aids Elderly Moderate to Severe Loss Drop Rechargeable


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Product Description

  • Origin: China Mainland
  • Model Number: 103353357
  • Brand Name: Hailicare
  • Certification: CE
  • Product Name: Mini Digital Hearing Aid Sound Amplifier
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: silver, blue
  • Size: 4.3*1.65*1.13cm
  • Weight: 0.008kg/0.075kg,8g
  • Packing size: 13.5×7.5×2.5cm
  • Max sound out put: 129+/- 3dB
  • Sound gain: >= 40dB+/- 5dB
  • Total harmonic wave distortion: <= 10%
  • Frequency range: 450-3400MHz
  • Input Noise: <=32dB
  • Voltage: DC1.2V
  • Current: <=1.2mA


1. This rechargeable mini digital hearing aid has a stylish and beautiful look, which can be used as an ear ornament.

2. Our hearing aids are compact and exquisite, lightweight and portable, convenient for you to carry anywhere.

3. The hearing aid has a digital chip and intelligent noise reduction function, which can improve sound clarity and fluency.

4. Our hearing aid provides two pitches, suitable for noisy and general environments.

5. This hearing aid can help people with hearing loss to solve hearing problems, so that they do not encounter hearing impairment in daily life.

6. This product offers long-lasting standby time, and its working time is about 28 hours with 6-hour charging time. You can say goodbye to frequent charging.

* This hearing aid can be used in both ears.


Material: ABS

Color: silver, blue

Size: 4.3*1.65*1.13cm

Weight: 0.008kg/0.075kg

Packing size: 13.5×7.5×2.5cm

Max sound out put: 129+/- 3dB  

Sound gain: >= 40dB+/- 5dB

Total harmonic wave distortion: <= 10%  

Frequency range: 450-3400MHz  

Input Noise: <=32dB  

Voltage: DC1.2V  

Current: <=1.2mA

Packing List:

1* Digital Hearing Aid

4* Earplugs

1* Brush

1* USB Charging Cable

1* User Manual

Additional Information


Blue, Silver

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Australia, CN, Czech Republic, France, GERMANY, Poland, Russian Federation, SPAIN, United Kingdom, United States



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