Pressotherapy Air Compression Foot Muscle Massager Leg Recovery Boots lymphatic drainage machine Relax Physiotherapy 8Cavity


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  • Certification: CE
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
  • Origin: Mainland China

Pneumatic compression is a form of pressure massage in which a garment completely covering the limb (legs or arms) inflates and deflates in a cyclical pattern over a period of time. The process flushes fluids containing metabolic waste and ushers in fresh, nutrient-rich blood to the limbs, improving circulation and blood flow. This increased circulation will reduce muscle pain and soreness, decrease swelling, and offer greater pain relief and recovery.
Speed up cellular repair by providing more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles while removing lactic acid and other by-products caused by exertion.
Dramatically aid the body’s natural process of removing toxins and waste through the lymphatic system.

Increase flexibility, improve muscle response and decrease the likelihood of injury by targeting tight, tense muscles and fascia.
With more sizes, more features, more control, and more power than the competition.There are eight air chambers from the foot to the thigh, and each section can be opened and closed independently. Compared with 4-5 air chambers, it can promote blood flow more thoroughly

About the AC controller,
voltage: 100-110V/220-240V,
power: 30w/40va, remote control distance: 5m

Five kinds of loop programs
A.take turns
C.Take turns in pairs
E.A+B rotation
F:C+D rotation

Pressure range 30-250mmhg,There are 7 levels of addition and subtraction
Legs are available in three sizes, XLXXLXXXL
Size XL , suitable for height 155-173cm
Size XXL, suitable for height 174-185cm
Size XXXL, suitable for height >185cm
Pants , suitable for 160-185cm height
Whole-body,suitable for 160-185cm height

Limited 2-Year Warranty,Send any faulty components free of charge

The arms and trousers of the whole body can be inflated at the same time. Since there may be some overlap between the waist and trousers, it is recommended to use the waist alone. The product is equipped with three adapters to ensure that the arms and trousers are connected to the machine at the same time

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China, United States

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EU plug, US plug


AC 2 legs XL, AC 2 legs XXL, AC 2 legs XXXL, AC machine Pants, His arms together, Whole-body



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