USB Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Makeup Painless Eye Brow Epilator Mini Shaver Razors Portable Facial Hair Remover Women Depilator


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  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Size: makeup products
  • Material: mower makeup tools
  • Model Number: eyebrow trimmer
  • Item Type: Eyebrow Trimmer
  • Featured 1: makeup products
  • Featured 2: hair remover for ladies
  • Featured 3: eyebrow trimmer
  • Featured 4: mower eye massage tool
  • Featured 5: facial hair remover for women
  • Featured 6: beauty products for women
  • Featured 7: makeup tools
  • Featured 8: makeup free shipping


⚠ We have purchased logistics insurance for every order. During the logistics protection period, if you do not receive the product. We will refund in full.

We solemnly promise that we guarantee your freedom of trading and the safety of your funds.


⚠ Why should you choose our third-generation Eyebrow Trimmer upgraded in 2023? Because it represents the best Eyebrow Trimmer solution available. We have upgraded in 6 aspects to provide you with the best customer experience.

Compared with ordinary Eyebrow Trimmer, we pay more attention to the relationship between customer experience, quality and cost. Our goal is to provide you with the best products at the most affordable prices.

⓵ We have upgraded the USB charging chip, which can directly use USB for fast charging. Significantly reduced charging waiting time;

Please note that there are still many first-generation battery versions on the AliExpress market. It requires you to buy ordinary dry batteries to use. It greatly reduces the customer experience.

1-1). The built-in lithium battery has more battery capacity, it can be used for 1~2 months after one charge, and it is easier to use. It can be charged at any time at any time with power banks, computers and USB sockets.

The first-generation dry battery Eyebrow Trimmer needs to constantly replace the alkaline battery, which is very troublesome and inconvenient to use.

1-2). The first generation of dry batteries Eyebrow Trimmer may be 0.5~1 dollars cheaper to buy, but it requires you to constantly buy alkaline batteries yourself, which is a very large expenditure. The final cost is far greater than the third generation USB direct charging Eyebrow Trimmer.

⓶ We have upgraded the material of the blade, using alloy steel with 2000℃ stewing furnace technology, which improves the cutting strength and service life of the blade.

Cutting strength is the core function of the blade, it can quickly and effectively cut excess eyebrows, greatly improve work efficiency and save your time.

⓷ The special inverted triangular vertebral tip design can be used on different parts of the body where multiple hairs are not easily accessible. For example, eyebrows, lips, underarms, bikini area and other hidden areas.

Not only does it remove unwanted eyebrow hair, but it also removes many areas of the body that other razors don’t easily reach.

⓸ The detachable head can be replaced repeatedly, and the head can also be disassembled and cleaned with water to ensure that the Eyebrow Trimmer is always clean and hygienic, which is very important to ensure 100% safety in the use of the product.

If the cutter head is accidentally broken, you can buy a cutter head, remove the damaged cutter head, replace it with a new one, and continue to use it.

⓹ Easy-to-use one-touch on/off power switch Maximum saving of ineffective time of learning equipment use, creating maximum value for customers.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time learning how to use it, you can operate it with just one click.

⓺ Small size, similar to the size of a fountain pen Easy to carry, you can use it anytime and anywhere, convenient for different working and living environments.


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