Yongrow Medical Finger Pulse Oximeter & Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor & 50pcs Test Strips Blood Glucose Meters health care


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Product Description

  • Brand Name: yongrow
  • Origin: China
  • Model Number: 82+BPW5+G425-3
  • Application: Finger
  • Item Type: Oximetry
  • Material: ABS
  • Certification: CE
  • Family Health Suit:: 3 in 1
  • Blood Pressure Monitor:: Wrist
  • Blood Pressure Monitor:: Automatic Pressurization Mode
  • Blood Glucose Meter:: Test Strip + Needle 50pcs
  • Sphygmomanometer:: Digital Sphygmomanometer
  • Glucose Meter Display:: mg/dL

YK-BPW5 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor + YK-82C Fingertip Pulse Oximeter+G-425-3 NEW Blood Glucose Meter

Two packs to cover the needs of most situations in family life,more comprehensive access to family health data,and we are willing to work with you to protect your family

Package Including:

One Finger Pulse oximeter + One Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor+50pcs 50pcs Test Strips Blood Glucose Meters

Accessories in the blood glucose meter package:
1 x Lancing device
1 x mg/dL glucometer (Battery is not included)
50 x Bottled test strips
50 x Lancets
1 x English manual

Accessories in the sphygmomanometer package:
1 x English manual
1 x Blood pressure monitor(Battery is not included)

Accessories in the oximeter package:
1 x English manual
1 x Oximeter(Battery is not included)
1 x Storage bag
1 x Portable lanyard

YK-BPW5 BP Monitor

Product Description:

Keep track of your health with this blood pressure monitor.

• One-button measurement
Experience the ultimate ease of use and record your blood pressure at the touch of a button.

• Large font LCD screen
The LCD display lets you clearly see your measurements and is accessible for visually impaired people.

• 98% accuracy
The monitor's intelligent adjustment and adaptation through upgraded chips allows you to get results you can trust.

• 99-group memory
The large digital memory means you can monitor your blood pressure over time to gauge your overall health.

• Arrhythmia detection function
This blood pressure monitor also tracks your heart rate for the early detection of arrhythmia.

Product Specifications

Brand Name: Yongrow
Origin: Mainland China
Material: ABS
Item type: Blood Pressure Monitor
Model number: YK-BPW5
Size: 8*6*4cm
Application: Wrist
Display: LCD digital display
Use for: Blood pressure & pulse measurements
Supply type: Manufacturer
Test method: Oscillation method
Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
Air pressure: 50kPa~105kPa
Blood pressure range: 20-280mmHg
For wrist circumference range: 13.5cm–19.5cm
Memory: 99 sets
Auto off: After 1 minute
Shutdown Current: <100uA
PR Accuracy: ±5%

G425-3 Blood Glucose Meter

Product Description:
• Micro blood volume, blood sugar measurement
• No Coding,Automatically turn on after inserting test paper
• 0.7μl Blood Collection,Less blood collection, no need to squeeze blood
• Result in 5s,The core algorithm is upgraded, the detection only takes 5 seconds, and the result can be seen quickly
• Adjustable lancet,Needle out quickly, less pain, less wound, faster recovery
• Simple operation,One-key operation is more convenient for the elderly to use
• 20 Groups Of Memories,Can store 20 sets of data better help you observe changes in blood sugar
• For The Crowd,Easy to carry, can be used in a variety of environments

Strips Parameter

1.Absorbent Hole
Apply a drop of blood here. The blood will be drawn in automatically

2.Confirmation window
This is where you confirm if enough blood has been applied to the absorbent hole of the strip

3.Test Strip handle
Hold this part to insert the strip into the slot

4.Contact bars
Insert this end of the test strip into the meter. Push it in firmly until it will go no further

Test results might be wrong if the contact Bar is not fully inserted into the test slot.
The front side of the test strip should face up when inserting the test strip.

Detail Design

More detailed design, better user experience
1.Automatic return Test strips are automaticaly returned, No need to clean and hygienic.
2.Lightweight and portable Convenient storage, self-tes blood glucose anytime, anywhere
3.Large screen display HD large screen, The measurement data is clearly visible
4.Automatic shut-down No operation automatic shutdown setting.Energy saving and rest assured.

Blood Sampling Instructions

Unit Conversion Formula:

Conversion Formulal
Blood sugar level :The conversion coefficient is 18.

Such as, If 120mg /dl is to be converted into mmol /L, the calculation formula is 120mg /dl divide by 18 = 6.67mmol / L; 6.67mmol / L is to be converted into mg / dl, which is 6.67mmol /L Multiply by 18 = 120mg / dl.

Certificate Display

Yongrow Digital Fingertip Plus Oximeter – Blood Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Monitor w/ OLED Display – LFC Plus Technology

Keep regular tabs on your and your family’s health with Oximeter Blood Fingertip Plus

Product Description

*1.Eliminate the unnecessary hospital visits and ensure that your family is always safe with the Yongrow oximeter. It supports real-time pulse monitoring and contains an adaptable dual silicone finger mold with non-slip wires to maximize comfort.

*2.Yongrow Pulse Oximeter has a 1-button measurement system, customizable PR and SPO2 alarm systems with sound and screen flashing reminders, HD OLED display, and red infrared light. It can be used to take measurement even outdoors in a brighter environment as the screen blocks outside light interference.

*3.Compared to the professional medical monitors and other contemporaries, the fingertip Oximeter produces results with 98% accuracy rate and minimal numerical errors. The reading results generates quickly taking a maximum of 5-8 seconds which reduce the examination time by a huge margin.

*4.Fourth generation LFC optical frequency digital conversion technology of the blood oxygen meter helps in getting an accurate reading even in case of movements, exercise, or weak perfusion. The fourth generation LFC technology of Yongrow finger pulse oximeter brings a substantial improvement in the accuracy of the reading and data acquisition, making the Yongrow oximeter an ideal home-use medical device.

*5.The household digital fingertip oximeter has obtained China CFDA certification and EU CE certification. It is completely in-line with the professional-grade medical pulse monitors. It displays four different vital health indicators on the screen. The pulse intensity oximeter is completely safe to be used at home to get accurate pulse readings.

YK-82C NEW finger pulse oximeter

NEW tec more accurate

Additional Information

Ships From

China, France, Poland, Russian Federation, SPAIN



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